The Dunajec Gorge in Pieniny Mountains is one of the most beautiful river ravine of Europe. Dunajec is 251 km. long. It originates in Tatra Mountains on the height of 1600 – 1700 m. above the sea level and it ends as the right-bank tributary of Vistula River in the town called Ujście Jezuickie. The tradition of the rallies in Dunajec counts as one of the gratest touristic attractions and it goes back to 1828. The rally goes from Sromowce Kąty to Szczawnica (the length of the route is about 18 km.) or to Krościenko (then the route length reaches to 23 km.).It lasts for about 2,5 hours. From the decks of raftsmen’s boats you can admire the summits of ‘Trzy Korony’, ‘Ostra Skała’, ‘Sokolica’ and many others. You can also listen to tales and legends of raftsmen wearing the traditional dresses.




















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